Schools and their leaders

With a myriad of choices and an often overwhelming workload, we can help you surface the unique problems within your school and present options for solving the problem, so that you best spend your time and resources on high-impact opportunities.


We are committed to helping government build a world-class edtech ecosystem here in Queensland. Through our deep connections and intimate knowledge of the sector, we find the opportunities that will continue to keep Queensland at the forefront of education in Australia.


If you’re considering international expansion to Australia and want to know more about the market or you need local users to test your product, we can help you develop a market entry strategy and give you access to some of the most progressive schools in Australia through our unique sandbox environment.


If you want exposure to the latest in home-grown and international education technology and innovation, partner with us to gain access to early stage entrepreneurs and companies who are validating their ideas directly with end-users.

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